Gruppo Frati Tailoring Division

The “Tailoring Division” of Gruppo Frati was established due to the ever-increasing need to create tailored decors for our customers. Ideas, drafts, projects, in-depth analyses, developments and implementation are the steps determining the outcomes.


Tailoring Division” does not just study the materials coming from the furniture industry, such as wood, stones, patterns; it focuses also on other apparently alien fields, that nonetheless become perfectly integrated, consistent and even precursory when analysed with a different sensitivity.


The above-mentioned studies give birth to decors suitable to any furniture solutions and are always matched to finishes enhancing the depth, texture and three-dimensionality, three uncommon features for a printed paper. In-depth studies are carried out also for plain colours. The collections that the team create are always supported by the chronicle of the colour, as mentioned before.


Every day hundreds of inputs give birth to hundreds of ideas: our priority is to know how to catch and develop them.