The Group

The Company’s history began in 1960 when Luigi Frati founded the first company. In 2017, after over 50 years of investments and growth, Gruppo Frati can count on

  • 770 employees,
  • 825,600 sq. m. out of which 259,600 are covered,
  • 1.100.000cu. m. of production capacity of chipboard panels, out of which 40,000,000 sq. m. are melamine panels.
  • 420.000 cu. m. of MDF in production.
  • 60 owned vehicles for timber harvesting and for guaranteeing a fast and widespread delivery service.
  • 300 decors in our collection, 48 different surface finishes

these are the key figures of a historical leading group on the Italian and European market.


Gruppo Frati boasts six companies established in strategic locations within the furniture industry, comprising:

  • 2 production units of raw and melamine chipboard, Frati Luigi spa and PANTEC division
  • 1 production unit of raw MDF and 1 production unit of melamine MDF, BIPAN spa and ASTRID division
  • 1 production unit of formaldehyde and formaldehyde-based resins for the production of glues used in the furniture industry, Chimica Pomponesco spa
  • 1 production unit of plant-engineering technology for the production of panels, CMP spa
  • 1 company managing the timber harvesting facilities and the transport of final products, Valori Franco & c. srl