Understanding the value of the place we live in and making informed choices while respecting the world of tomorrow are key aspects of doing business, now more than ever. 


We believe that we can breathe new life into items that seem to have lost their value, turning them into brand-new, multi-purpose materials.


For almost 60 years now our group has been working towards a single goal: being a true example of circular economy by turning wood waste into furniture panels by means of state-of-the-art technology, while keeping an eye to market trends and customers’ needs, to create innovative, high-quality and reliable products.


Passion, professionalism and innovation are the hallmarks of our products, and we always pay the utmost attention to the finest details.


We strongly believe that being reliable and specialising in the recovery and recycling of resources are paramount to achieve a closed-loop sustainable production process.


Controlled recovery, high technology, quality assurance.