We continue the presentation of the decors relating to the project continues
of Sicam 2021

Full flame walnut essence, suitable for large surfaces,
where the peculiarities of the decors are maximized,
but also for smaller sections, thanks to the combination
of wide and narrow flames that intersect each other,
creating a  continuity  of the design .

OLTRE NC 21-127-M
Classic warm tone of Italian walnut.
The presence of the metallic in the structure gives
that iridescence typical of natural wood.
The combination with texture MYRTA and the solid colour TERRA ,
create a timeless classic furniture.

OLTRE NC 21-126-M
Light, almost white, for furniture intended for
young people or settings that need light.
The combination with texture MEDUSA  and the modern
BLU ACCIAIO , enhance the characteristics of the wood
with whitened effect.

OLTRE NC 21-128-M
Greige colour, trendy in all furniture sectors
intended for national and foreign markets.
Texture GRAVE  gives the right background opacity
and a light pore that moves the surface,
all combined with the elegant solid colour TAIGA .
OLTRE NC 21-129
Tobacco shade, warm and extremely trendy,
combined with colour MALTA TORTORA  for refined furniture intended
to bright and spacious settings , where the
peculiarities of decor and finish are  accentuated.

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