Re-Think Spaces


Several studies have analyzed the effect of
pandemic inside our homes.

The forced  at home has led to think or rethink,
the organization of spaces, dimensions, colours , materiality  ,

almost as if to bring inside the houses  what we are not allowed to live outdoors.

We noticed the flourishing of green spaces on the balconies,
the use of natural lights and the search for colours and essences that recall nature.

Even the open space, very fashionable in recent years,
is evolving towards a closure of the settings ,
because smart working, distance learning or just normal living together,
need  more privacy than in the pre-covid period.

These new trends are explained in the excerpt of an
article published this month on an important
monthly furniture magazine of which I am attaching the link.

With regard to these issues we propose here below
3 ideas for as many settings

MAIKO 1 texture  MEDUSA
which combined with solid colour  BLU ACCIAIO  ,
creates a setting  suitable for smart working.
A light maple that integrates with any existing furnishings.

is combined  to solid colour  TOBRUK
for classic furnishings, suitable for relaxation areas
where to listen to music or read a book.

for furniture for young people , with a minimalist design and  
neutral colours that can be inserted in bedrooms or
spaces dedicated to distance learning.

You can request samples from our local agent or directly to the email address